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Event Summary:

Deena is a Social Impact Entrepreneur and the Founder of the award winning and nationally recognized STEM+Arts program for youth of color called iUrban Teen which has chapters in four states, and most recently launched Black Women in STEM 2.0.
Ms. Pierott is also a diversity strategist and international public speaker. She has served on several boards and commissions including a Gubernatorial appointment to the Commission on African American Affairs in the State of Washington.


Event Summary:

Learn to tell the origin story that makes you uniquely you. The moments and lived experiences that have shaped and influenced who you are today are the very foundation of your personal brand story and what makes it unique.

In this insightful and lighthearted session, Miri offers personal examples and key strategies for building and leveraging your origin story to effectively brand yourself for success.

Key takeaways:

  • The Power of personal branding

  • Designing your personal brand Story

  • How to take your story to market


About Miri Rodriguez:

Miri Rodriguez is a globally recognized Storyteller, Head of Global Internship Program at Microsoft and author of Brand Storytelling. She is a creative journalist and content strategist, evangelizing brand narrative and showcasing how thought leaders can leverage storytelling techniques for culture activation and influence in the digital age. Miri has earned several awards in digital marketing and customer experience and is ranked as top in-demand speaker at leading industry conferences around the world. Miri brings 15+ years of expertise, valuable industry and consulting insights matched with a lighthearted and connected delivery approach. Her social advocacy and philanthropic work include volunteering to train social enterprise leaders in Africa, coaching students at Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship in the U.S., and mentoring men and women to build their personal brand with empathy, passion and purpose. Her biggest accomplishment to date is being a mother of 2 boys and an American Bulldog. She can also run in heels. Ice cream is her superfood.

Positive Intelligence (PQ) and Mental Fitness with Janice Lichtenwaldt

Positive Intelligence (aka PQ) is a research-based ‘operating system,’ developed through factor analysis, that breaks down mental fitness into its core components. Prior to the presentation, participants had access to a free online assessment. The assessment identified which of the nine accomplice saboteurs, those unhelpful voices in our heads who work in concert with the universal saboteur The Judge, are most present for them.

Assessment Link:


During the presentation participants learned about the PQ operating system, why it works, and how they can incorporate the PQ principles into their day to day lives by developing the five Sage powers: Empathize, Explore, Innovate, Navigate, and Activate. After the presentation, participants had tools to intercept their saboteurs and will understand how spending just 15 minutes each day can have a significant impact on their mental fitness.

Download the PQ Mental Fitness Keynote Presentation

Download the 6-Week Mental Fitness Course Flyer

Staying Healthy at Home: Tips for Living Well with Coach Kelsie Holtzlider

With a major global shift towards working from home, rates of obesity and associated comorbidities are on the rise. When you think of practicing health and fitness, what do you picture? Often, our imagination is locked within the limited confines of a gym setting, but opportunity exists everywhere! Many of us find ourselves sitting through hours of virtual meetings and blurring the boundaries between work and family life—leaving what feels like little time to squeeze in a workout. Did you know that regular exercise can enhance the creation of new brain cells and improve critical thinking skills? This talk will help you re-imagine your environment and schedule, in a way that will connect you to a more optimal balance of function and health.

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